October 31th. 

It means so much to so many people in vastly different ways; candy, passed loved ones, scary stories, dressing up, black cats & haunted houses! Though many skeptics believe this is simply another holiday started by candy companies to sell more candy! It was created by Celtics in Europe! The tradition later made its way to the United States & adopted different meanings to people around the world! Even between generations, there are starkly different emotional & sentimental meanings to this holiday! It is enlightening to speak to others about what they have experienced during the spooky seasons & what it means to them.

Traditionally, October is full of pumpkin spice, hayrides, scarfs & oversized knitted blankets while spooky decor litters the streets & candy flies off the shelf to land in the hands of happy little children! This has been a tale as old as time, a true gem in the minds of many children. But being spooky & stylish is hard, especially when you just perfected your Fall decor & it would certainly clash with purple & orange!

Have no fear, Ashley is here! Keep the classic orange pumpkins for outdoors where mother nature compliments them best & go for fabric pumpkins, burlap, plaid & velvet as these are all extremely trendy right now! Pair some beautiful sunflowers with your ghost & skeletons that hang around. Leave the brooms by the door & save the gory decor for outdoors to ward off the bad spirits. Get some black wick candles, oversized blankets to snuggle up into while you break out Disney Halloween movies & make popcorn for your little witches & warlocks.

After all, even little monsters need a cozy place to rest their heads before all hallows eve!

The end of the year can be so stressful, so take a deep, crisp breathe in & enjoy the laughter around you. It doesn’t matter how you celebrate, just that you do. Even if you’re “too old” to dress up, marvel in all the adorableness that is little ones around you dressing up as their aspirations, favorite characters & food!