3 Pieces of Home Decor to Elevate Your Space

It’s important to keep your home fresh and inviting, and you don’t need a complete makeover to accomplish this. Adding a few accent pieces is all it takes to upgrade your home decor. It can be as simple as a few carefully placed trinkets and fixtures to vamp up a room. For more ideas, browse the suggestions below.

3 Home Accents to Upgrade Your Space
1. Candles

Candles serve many purposes. When paired with the right holders and matched to complement the colors of the room, they can make a nice piece of home decor. They can also brighten up the smell of a room if you match scents correctly, and when lit, they transform the atmosphere. They’re cost-effective as well, making them an ideal way to bring a space to life without extensive work.

2. Curtains

When used correctly, curtains can dictate the entire mood of a neutral-colored room. They’ll draw immediate attention when someone walks into the room, and they can set the creative tone for the space. There are many color and fabric options to fit your existing interior design, so explore the color palette options. You can also use them to control lighting to further shape the feel of the room.

3. Pillows

Pillows can be used in many settings to add character. When placed in a light-toned seating area, they can express mood. The same applies to the bedroom and outdoor entertainment areas. They can also add more comfort to a space, and when mixed and matched correctly, will add new personality to your home decor.

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