20 Trends for 2020

20 design tips for 2020
Starting off the New Year we wanted to give you peek into the trends you will see in the near future. We asked our top designer, Rodney Rodriguez, what he saw in store for 2020 & beyond.
The following are in no specific order & are open free interoperation,

1| Roughed materials;

In a home of perfection, it is okay to have some imperfections. Tarnished or less than pristine items can still find a home in yours! You add depth and narrative to your home when you repurpose older, used items. Or just go for the look with new items found at Ashley HomeStore, seen below.
2 | Greenery;
Living or fake the essences of greenery are uplifting to the atmosphere if you do go with real plants the health benefits are undeniable.
For reference, Spider Plants are easy to grow & reduce Benzene, Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide & more from the air! The Chinese Evergreens is also a low maintenance plant & removes a wide variety of air pollutants.
3 Laying rugs to add dimension;
Double layer rugs; woven under patterns, or a fluffy rug over woven one. Be careful here to not make your walking area too raised so your guests won’t trip. Seen it here done best on Pinterest!
4 | Bold patterns;
Don’t be afraid to step out of the norm & express YOUR style. Accompany your leather soft with paisley throw pillows if you like, or get a statement ottoman to draw attention to the center of your living space! After all, you need to be delighted to see it every day!
5 | Unconventional accent walls;
Instead of a pop of color on the accent wall try a texture. Wood, chalkboard, contact paper, the possibilities are endless, see how we styled our accent walls in-store!

6 | Organized Cutter;

For every surface, tabletops, & wall area there can be a new design element with a collection of eclectic things such as vases, statues & candlesticks. They can hold close meaning to you or complete the theme of your design! Whichever way you will add personality to each space.
7 | Stools & Benches;
Move on from classic & uncomfortable dining room chairs to add a touch elegance with upholstery, or unfinished seating! You have many options at Ashley Home Store from butcher block benches to luxurious dining seating. Mix & match to give your guests options!
8 | Mix matching throw pillows;
Sometimes you can’t get enough of a good thing, mix & match your throw pillows with the seasons or your mood that week! You will never get tired of the combinations & endless style possibilities.
9 | Bold Colors;
When it comes to furniture, why not make it the main attraction! Add a pop of color with a Darcy sofa, or the Enderlin, as seen below & in Ashley HomeStore.
10 | Wall transfer decals;
  Besides being highly motivational a specific quote of the wall can add immense meaning to your space. This is great for those with never stagnant style, or those renting!
11 | Blending Styles;
To find your style you need to pull from many inspirations to create your own! Whether it’s modern & farmemian or rustic & city chic, don’t be afraid to blend collections to represent your authentic style!
12 |  Neutral Sofa sets;
This is are a pivotal piece in changing your decor from seasonally, or even with your mood. Simply add an array of accent chairs, pillows & throw blankets to fit the mood, once that time has past switch them back to the classic look!
13 | Geometric shapes;
Hanging lights, planters, even furniture; mixing shapes with abstract textiles show off your individual style best!
14 | Multipurpose furniture;
Along with lift-top coffee tables, dog crate TV stands & servers are extremely trendy.  The idea of combine space with the function will never go out of style. Ashley HomeStore carries a large barite of chargeable recliners (including wireless charging) & side tables. Ashley even leveled up your storage solutions options. Our ottomans come in rustic, French cottage & abstract looks that also double as hide-a-way storage for toys, blankets & more.
15 Exposed/Unfinished Furniture;
If you like the industrial look you will like this trend. By adding some unfinished or exposed metal to your next design, it adds a rustic or industrial vibe to your space!
16 | Open storage space;
Open up your kitchen & living areas with exposed shelf featuring all your books, movies &/ or your beautiful Pioneer Woman salad bowls. Changing to glass cabinets or ditching the omware for a built-in shelf adds a touch of modern style.
17 | Exotic light fixtures;
Pay closer attention to the areas of light in your room. These areas draw attention & are where people gather, opt for a unique light fixture to complete the look of your room.
18 Marble & mirrors;
These are two features you will see a lot of in home decor. Frequently seen in serving trays, tabletops, and wall art, you don’t have to miss this touch of elegance. Be daring & be bold with these textures.
19 | Blast from the pasts;
As everyone knows, history repeats itself & so do trends! Pull out that antique bed frame for the guest room, or get to Ashley HomeStore for this beautiful rod Iron bed! The nostalgic rush will have every guest complimenting their room & your style!
20 “Gather”;
Simply put this word is wholesome & inviting. It reminds us to be present while enjoying the company of our loved ones. Inscribe this on the dining room wall, or over the couch to add a farmhouse touch.