Presidents’ Day

Ahhh Presidents Day, an annual federal holiday no one knows much about!

It always falls on the 3rd Monday in February & commemorates the birth of our 1st president, George Washington! The United States uses this day to celebrate all our presidents past & present. In honor of this February Celebration, we want to clue you in on who some of past Presidents really were!

– On March 30th, 1981 Ronald Reagan was shot in the head in an attempted assassination he joked afterward, “I forgot to duck!” HA, our 40th President was a funny guy!

-Teddy Roosevelt was left blind in his left eye after a boxing match from his younger days, the 26th President was a tough guy!

-The “S” in Harry S Trumans’ name actually doesn’t stand for anything, the 33rd President was a silly guy!

-Our 10th President, John Tyler had 15 children! He was a busy guy!

-On April 15th 1865, the day Abraham Lincoln was assassinated he told his bodyguard he had a dreamt that he would be shot. Our 16th President was an intuitive guy!

-Martin Van Buren, was the first President to be a US citizen, all those that came before him were British. Our 8th President was a local guy!

-President George W. Bush & Donald Trump are the only two Presidents who earned a Masters Degree, both in Business Administration (MBA)! Those two Presidents are educated guys!

-Barack Obama is the only President to have won a Grammy Award in 2006, for his voiceover of “Dreams From My Father” (an audiobook). Our 45th President is a talented guy!

It is interesting to learn the types of men we have had as leaders of our country! It is refreshing to know that they are normal people like you & I. they once were children, teenagers & young men in our society leading seemingly normal lives until they were granted the honor of being the leader of the Free World!

We hope you found this article interesting & will go forth having a new respect for the men who lead our country!