This retail holiday dates back to the 19th century when consumerism was at an all-time high. After the thanksgiving day parades pass through town it officially marked the start of the holiday shopping season!

Black Friday got its name from the Philadelphia police department to represent the traffic jams and violence that ensued from the sales that went on! As many know Black Friday has been associated with absolute chaos for as long as we can remember, many stores such as Walmart have tried to deter this craziest my turning their store into a maze, others hire extra security but must dissipate the madness by extending their sales all weekend long!
There is no doubt that there are crazy deals to be had the Friday after Thanksgiving & many people stay up all night just to take home the year’s hottest toy or tech gadget!


Ashley is here to help you become a Black Friday expert!

  • Sign up for emails! Your favorite stores will typically give sneak peeks & special offers to their subscribers!
  • Prioritize your shopping list! Make a map of all the stores you want to hit include the time stores open & an items list, some items may be doorbusters, others may be an unlimited supply.
  • Price check in the store! So you can get an idea of how much you should budget for & how much you’re saving!
  • Leave the kids at home! Spend some of that extra money you will be saving on a sitter, avoid pee breaks, snack stops & in-store meltdowns!
  • Don’t try to price match! Black Friday is not the day to haggle, the stores have already spent weeks price checking their competitors! Trust you are getting the best deal, but always do your research!  
  • Claim doorbuster before you arrive! If the store allows see if you can grab a ticket for the prized doorbuster they are offering!
  • Carry Cash! We are not suggesting carrying hundreds into each store but withdrawal how much you intend to spend to assure you stay within your budget!

These tips will be sure your time is well spent & you keep your eyes on the prize!


We hope to see you at your local Ashley HomeStore for the spectacular doorbuster we will be having!

Stay tuned to our social media for sneak peaks so you can start building your wish list.