What’s New in Mattress Technology?

Do you get sweaty at night? Wake up with damp hair? Cuddling not always how you want to spend your night because it’s just too hot? You are not alone!

If you said “yes” to these questions too you are apart of a large group of people who either genetically sweat more than others, get this stinky side effect from medication, or are clinically diagnosed with night sweats!  Tempur-Pedic heard the issue and brought forth a solution!

The Temper-Breeze is a revolutionary product that will save hundreds of people from having to take that second shower, or from drenching their partner. It has 8 degree technology which is monumental to those effected by over active sweat glands! I highly suggest you go to your local Ashley HomeStore and just place your hand on this mattress, it is a difference you truly feel! Eight degrees may not sound like a big difference, but the change you will feel is undeniable, and the cool, good nights sleep you will have is priceless.

The Tempur-Breeze mattress is unlike anything in the market right now. It is the Tempur brand you love but they went the extra mile for your comfort by incorporating the same G-force absorbing technology that NASA uses for their astronauts. Finding the right mattresses can be a feat no one wants to tackle, so why not look for a mattress you need! One that will improve your quality of sleep from A-Z. Temur-pedic believes in their product so much that they have backed it with a 90 day sleep trial & 10 year warranty!

Don’t wait, change your sleep today by going to Ashley HomeStore for a choice of the Tempur-PRObreeze, which features three degree cooling available in medium and medium hybrid density. Or the Tempur-LUXEbreeze which features the eight degree cooling available in soft and firm to contour to whatever comfort you need!