How to Mix Patterns in Your Furniture & Decor

When you’re selecting furniture and accessories for your home, the patterns you choose can make or break your design. The wrong combination of designs and textures can clash even when every other element is balanced, but the right patterns can add visual interest and make your home decor pop. Below are a few vital tips for decorating with patterns.

How to Use Patterns Like a Decorating Professional

Use Odd Numbers

In general, odd numbers are more attractive and satisfying than even ones, and this rule extends to patterns. For your first few interior decorating projects, try to choose three designs to make the room feel balanced and complete.
Vary Your Scales

Patterns come in many scales, and for best results, you should choose a variety. Small-scale designs with intricate details work best on small objects like pillows, whereas large patterns are great for furniture and surfaces.

Pay Attention to Style

While you don’t want everything to be too similar, you do want them to coordinate. Try to stick to one theme, such as bold, modern patterns or a muted, nature-inspired look.

Manage Your Colors

As you create your design, be aware of your color palette. Choose main, secondary, and accent colors that look good together, and make sure you don’t introduce too many shades or hues. To tie the room together, your largest pattern should include all the colors you intend to use.
Create Balance

Just as you don’t want all your furniture on one side of the room, your patterns need to be spread strategically through the space. Make sure to place objects and accents in a way that feels evenly balanced.

Combining patterns is one of the more advanced techniques in interior design, but when it’s done well, it can create a beautiful and engaging effect. For help with your decor, ask a designer at Ashley HomeStore in Lubbock, TX. Their team is the area expert on trendy furniture and design. Their seven store locations are conveniently arranged to help you find the items you need to tie a home together. To learn more about what they have to offer, call (806) 687-3000 or visit them online.

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