How to Choose the Perfect Rug for Your Living Space

Rugs can add ambiance and character to even the simplest rooms. Whether you want to liven up your space or protect your flooring, it’s important to select a rug that is appropriate for your furniture setup and design scheme. The team at Ashley HomeStore, with locations in West Texas and New Mexico, can help you with this interior design process. They’re here to share some helpful shopping tips that will simplify the process of choosing the best rug possible.

3 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Rug for Your Living Space
1. Consider Your Layout

The arrangement of your furniture can play a strong role in determining the size of your rug. For living rooms, an area rug should either stop just before the legs of your furniture or extend beneath them. A smaller rug can show off gorgeous hardwood floors while a larger rug can hide imperfections. If you’re laying a rug in the bedroom, consider positioning it partially under the bed for a cozy look. Beneath a dining table, there should be at least two feet of visible rug on every side to allow room for people to sit comfortably without chair legs resting unevenly between the carpeting and the floor beneath it.

2. Choose a Color

Think of the mood you want to convey. Is this room neutral or bright? Is the overall scheme contemporary or classic? Those characteristics play heavily into the color or pattern of your preferred rug. You can take many factors into account, like your bedding color, style of furniture, and home decor. If you want to shake up a plain room, you can easily do so with a bold rug. And if the rest of the room is vibrant, a subtle shade provides simple contrast.

3. Focus on Material

Material matters, too, particularly in spaces where people spend a lot of time. A rug made with polypropylene fibers is great for high-traffic areas because it’s resistant to stains, unlikely to shred over time, and affordable, yet stylish. Outdoor and entry rugs should have rubber backing to add a layer of anti-skid protection. Low pile tends to work better for high-traffic areas as it doesn’t compress when walked on, but the plushness of a high pile rug can feel luxurious in lesser used spaces.

At Ashley HomeStore, you’ll find a wide range of stylish rugs that are ideal for your home. Feel free to bring in some photographs of the room so that the store’s home decor team can help you choose an option that will look fantastic. See the other sections of our website for more information or call (806) 687-3000. Better yet, feel free to stop by one our locations and explore – we’d be glad to help you!.