Furniture Store’s 4 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Bedroom

Your small bedroom does not have to be cramped or boring. Making the right selections at your furniture store can turn a spartan space into a trendy and cozy retreat. Ashley HomeStore in Lubbock, TX, specializes in making petite living areas inviting with their vast selection of furniture designs and colors. If you are interested in how to transform your hideaway, discover the list below featuring their home decor experts’ top tips.

4 Furniture Pieces That Will Save Space

Choose Multipurpose Pieces

Lubbock-Furniture-StoreFinding home decor that serves multiple functions is a great way to create more capacity in your room. Stylish sofas that turn into beds are versatile and come in a variety of fabrics. Benches that double as storage trunks provide a place to sit and keep coats or toys. Accent cabinets that hold your clothes while showcasing art or holding your beauty items on top are also great space savers.

Maximize Storage

Select furniture with built-in storage. If you are looking for a new bed, models with drawers on the front or sides provide a place for clothing, accessories, or blankets without sacrificing style. Wooden sleigh beds are timeless and beautiful and have the perfect shape for multiple cabinets. Slender nightstands and tables with lift tops can maximize your bedroom’s square footage.

Think Skinny

Inspired by the tiny house movement and an explosion of new condominiums and apartments, furniture stores have begun to stock pieces specially designed for small spaces. Browse your local home decor gallery, and you will find a trove of accent chairs, storage tables, and media chests that stand out for their beauty and function while taking up less room.

Use Wall Space

Wall space is underutilized in many tiny bedrooms. Add shelves or racks to house your home accessories and clothing. You can also transfer your family photos to the wall. Finally, push your drawers and dressers as far as you can against your facade to save more room. Skinny and slender pieces will make this possible.

There are a variety of ways to move freely in your favorite room while making it look beautiful. Select an idea from the list above to instantly improve the look of your small bedroom while saving space. Explore more small space furniture store selections or find the West Texas location nearest you by visiting Ashley HomeStore online. For additional home decor inspiration, follow them on Facebook.