How to Blend Home Decor Styles

If everything had to match, what would be the fun of interior decorating? Creativity is an exciting part of the process, so if you want to create a one-of-a-kind space, mixing home decor styles is the perfect way to spice things up. Create a chic, comfortable home with these easy tips for blending home decor.

Practice the 80/20 Ratio

Interior decorating is easy when you utilize this one simple rule. In any given room, the styles should complement each other, with 80% of the room leaning toward one primary look, and the other 20% adding a supportive edge.
Larger furniture should focus on your primary style, while home accessories offer support. If you crave the vintage appeal of dark colors and soft textures, make this your focus. If your partner prefers the contemporary, add vases, paintings, accent pillows, and other minor touches with a modern vibe. When you blend home decor in the right proportions, you’ll achieve a lively, welcoming, and unique space. Interior decorating, like anything, is all about balance.

Group Similar Items

Your furniture and accessories don’t have to match. Rather than matching all furniture pieces, group coordinating items together.
Instead of utilizing the same pattern throughout the room, link pieces with a commonality. If you position a velvet, purple sofa in the center, place purple floral artwork behind it. While they’re different textures and patterns, the color unifies the pieces. This creates a noticeable, eye-catching effect. Group items by color, texture, and size throughout your home to blend the decor beautifully.

Experiment With Home Accessories

Smaller items are a fun way to experiment with different styles. If you have a large photography collection, for example, it doesn’t matter whether your photos feature portraits, oceans, or animals. Arrange these together for a consolidated display; the fact that they’re part of a collection is the only unifying factor you need.

You can also organize accessories by height and color. While your bedside table might contain a variety of items, arrange them from tall to short, and group items in the same color group together. These little tricks unify even the smallest of spaces.

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