5 Exciting Ways to Enhance Walls in Your Home Decor

Wall decorations can bring a whole room together. Whether your taste is simple or eclectic, adding accessories to your walls will augment your home decor no matter the size or style of the room. Ashley HomeStore of West Texas and New Mexico shares five ways to add flair to your walls.

How to Decorate Your Walls in Your Home Decor

1. Art

Creating an art gallery throughout your home can showcase your unique style. Vary sizes and styles of artwork, and don’t be afraid to mix and match frames. Add canvas art, prints, or portraits as well as oil paintings and collages. Gilded frames in gold or simple, clean, contemporary lines add dimension. Choose pieces that complement the color of your furniture and other home accessories.

2. Wall Hangings

Wall hangings and tapestries create a textural focal point over a couch, bed, or fireplace. Choose luxurious fabrics with colors that match your other pieces or add rustic charm with wood or wicker hangings.

3. Clocks

Besides conveniently telling time, over sized clocks add a bit of whimsy to a living room or kitchen. Don’t feel limited to just one clock; hang multiple timepieces in varying sizes for a unique look. If you like retro or vintage styles, search for clocks from that era and use them to tie your room together.

4. Mirrors
Mirrors create an illusion of space and are great for smaller rooms. Varying sizes of mirrors can create an interesting design while adding depth. Play with different shapes and add attractive frames to give your home decor a boost.

5. Lighting

Lighting is both functional and decorative. Create ambience by adding light fixtures such as sconces to the wall. Sconces can also draw attention to a focal point you want to highlight such as artwork or pictures.

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