It may seem like the trends in furniture are forever changing. Styles are never stagnant but trends change by the decade. Each of the following really speaks to the “circa” …
The “feel good” era brought out the popcorn ceiling, shag carpets & a mix of textiles.  It was very popular to have slider doors that access large open plan entertaining spaces. People’s aim during this time was to create a warm & inviting atmosphere! 
This is the time warm shades, floral patterns & geometric shapes took over living spaces! A normal home would feature a bright kitchen, a velvet sofa & maybe some high-pile carpet! 
We saw the departure of those bright colors & an introduction into clean lines. Neutral tones were popular and gave off a “preppy” vibe. People pushed forward for a “modern look” with electing plastic blinds instead of traditional curtains. 
This decade can be associated with two different, polar opposite styles & I am sure you have seen both. One is the soft floral & pine wood pair that is so desirable for the all American homemaker who indulges in Better Homes & Gardens. The second look would be the ultra-sleek modernism, these furniture pieces would feature thin legs & curvy lines. 
This era really gave us the uniformity we see today. Matching furniture paired with a statement piece such as a bold armchair or a rug that pops! White granite & marble became big features in kitchens & bathrooms. This time was a true sentiment to people style, they could transform each room in their home to carry a totally new personality. 
As for the 21st century & beyond, we have seen manufacturers take a giant step in adhering to customers’ needs by creating comfortable & functional pieces. We have seen the dog crate servers & TV stands & many high-end furniture pieces will not only feature not only motion but USB points to better connect customers to their homes. The furniture industry is taking style & function to the next level. Ashley HomeStore has recliners, bedside tables & side tables that feature UBS ports for you to connect your devices to charge them. The wonderful thing about our Ashley technology furniture is that we have styles of every type of decor & atmosphere!