PanCan Month

Pancreatic Cancer is the twelfth most common cancer in the world but has the lowest survival rate — at only 3-6%. It is a scary reality that goes unnoticed by most but destroys the lives of many every day being the 7th most common cause of death in the world. The pancreas lives behind the stomach but in front of the spine, and regulates how our body stores and uses energy, while being packed full of enzymes that assist in breaking down food! Organizations like the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network work year-round to fund the fight for treatments and cures! During the month of October, the PanCan Action Network work overtime to bring awareness to the public and raise as much money for Pancreatic Cancer research as possible. Tempur-Pedic has partnered up with them to raise funds faster!

Throughout October you can go to any retailer that sells Tempur-Pedic mattresses, like Ashley HomeStore & help raise money for the cause, Just by resting!! Yes, the Rest Test is an experience where you kick your feet up on top of the line sleeping technology in order to donate $10 to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network! When you go to your local Ashley HomeStore & participate you will also leave with a free Ashley pillow so you can rest better for all the nights to come! It doesn’t get much easier than that to make a difference in the lives of the hundreds and thousands of people effected by this killer every year! Join us in the fight to increase life expectancy, quality of life & chances of survival for all those effected!


For more information visit @PANCAN on Instagram & stop by your local Ashley HomeStore to make a difference in the world.