Feng Shui

This year has been something else, something we have never experienced in our lifetime! In a few short months, we have seen an unprecedented time of self-isolation & social distancing. Though the future is uncertain we should see this as a new beginning! A chance to take a step back, reflect & reinvent what we call normal. Let’s be frank though, isolation is hard, homeschooling is even harder, and reliving the same day, every day becomes detrimental to our health. We need to find those “little things” in life that inspire us more than ever now. Though we cannot do much to fix the pandemic, we can enrich our lives & the lives of those around us by reinventing new spaces in your home for your family to enjoy!

There are a lot of great isolation tips floating around; daily exercise, picking up a new book or hobby but our favorite, of them all is Feng Shui!

We’ve all heard it but, what is it really?


Feng Shui is deep rooted in Chinese history as the idea that living in basic harmony with the five elements of nature, Water, Metal, Earth, Fire, and Wood will bring great psychological benefits. Each element influences your mood, but most importantly the flow of energy from person to person & object to person! These practices are accepted in many cultures & are simply a piece of knowledge pasted down among our elders! We are going to briefing introduce you to each of these elements & products you can use to induce these benefits.


Feng Shui experts recommend featuring all five elements in your home in some form or fashion. The placement of such elements is also important to strive for balance in your home.

To improve communication, you should incorporate a water feature, such as a fish tank or fountain, you can substitute these with glass features. The placement for these should be in the northern corner of the home. If you are looking for prosperity & wealth in your life metal is your element, any form of gold, silver, marble, or stone will promote financial improvements.

Playing with the color theory is vital in Feng Shui, how colors & tones make you feel will directly impact your mood, after all, you spend most of your day in your home. As for the Earth Element light & neutral earth tones bring added strength in your relationship, you can also achieve this by adding ceramic or clay items to your most central room in the house, typically the living room. Fire Elements ignite passion and productivity, this can be used in the form red décor, or if that doesn’t flow with your space you can use lamps or candles! Last but certainly not least, to boost your creativity & inspiration, feature Wood furniture or artifacts in the eastern corner of your room!


Mixing all these will help you achieve balance not only at home but in life & your relationship! Feng Shui is about decluttering and finding your happy balance with colors, elements, & design. A change of scenery is never a bad thing, it is refreshing & can inspire you to get your second wind after a long day at work. As it applies to our current situation, updating your daily environment is good for your mood & mentality.

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