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How To Shop A Warehouse Sale Like A Pro

Who can resist a great sale? The infamous “Warehouse Sale” is one of those rare occasions when merchandise is practically given away. Why pay full price when you can follow these tips, and score genuine, high quality items for an amazing price. Here is how to do so. 1. Arrive Early (Seriously Early) The term […]

How Simple Home Decor Changes Will Transform Your Space

When most homeowners think of revamping their interiors, expensive renovation projects that require months of effort come to mind. In reality, however, something as simple as upgrading your home decor or adding a few new accessories to the living room can be more than enough to change the look and feel of the entire house. […]

3 Pieces of Home Decor to Elevate Your Space

It’s important to keep your home fresh and inviting, and you don’t need a complete makeover to accomplish this. Adding a few accent pieces is all it takes to upgrade your home decor. It can be as simple as a few carefully placed trinkets and fixtures to vamp up a room. For more ideas, browse […]

How Perfect Lighting Brightens Your Home Décor

There’s no better way to highlight the aesthetic value of your home decor accents than to pair them with the right lighting fixtures. No matter what kind of vibe you’re trying to create, simply playing around with different light options can help you achieve the desired results. Below are a few suggestions to help you […]

How to Choose the Perfect Rug for Your Living Space

Rugs can add ambiance and character to even the simplest rooms. Whether you want to liven up your space or protect your flooring, it’s important to select a rug that is appropriate for your furniture setup and design scheme. The team at Ashley HomeStore, with locations in West Texas and New Mexico, can help you […]

5 Basic Design Principles to Use for Stunning Home Decor

Some people have a natural eye for home décor, but for others, learning about different stylistic elements serves as inspiration. If you’re looking for new ways to style your space, Ashley HomeStore, based in Lubbock, TX, can help. With a broad range of furniture to suit every individual’s unique preferences and plenty of home accent […]

How to Mix Patterns in Your Furniture & Decor

When you’re selecting furniture and accessories for your home, the patterns you choose can make or break your design. The wrong combination of designs and textures can clash even when every other element is balanced, but the right patterns can add visual interest and make your home decor pop. Below are a few vital tips […]

How to Choose the Right Dresser for Your Bedroom

For most people, choosing the right bedroom dresser is an important and difficult decision. This piece of furniture acts as one of the room’s main focal points, organizes and stores your belongings, and can provide a charming aesthetic. To find the perfect choice for your bedroom, however, you must consider a few different factors. Below […]

3 Essential Furnishings for Homeowners Who Love to Host Guests

Entertaining house guests is one of the many blessings of being a homeowner. When hosting a special occasion in your home, it is important to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Before hosting your next gathering, visit a luxury furniture store to ensure that your house is equipped with all the furniture […]

How to Choose the Right Color Scheme for Your Furniture

Furnishing a home from scratch can be difficult. There are a lot of plans and personal decisions to be made when it comes to color and style, and you’ll want to choose a palette that suits you and your home. Ashley Home Store in Lubbock, TX, can help you discover the perfect colors for your […]

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