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  Thanksgiving is a time where Americans gather to think about the sacrifices & blessings they experienced during the past year! Typically spent with family which could mean travels to grandmas house, flights cross country or your home bustling with people. However spent it always encompasses eating Turkey with the family, football on TV or […]


  This retail holiday dates back to the 19th century when consumerism was at an all-time high. After the thanksgiving day parades pass through town it officially marked the start of the holiday shopping season! Black Friday got its name from the Philadelphia police department to represent the traffic jams and violence that ensued from […]

Veterans Day

Veteran’s Day originated in 1919 & was originally dubbed Armistice Day! Many people don’t know but Veteran’s Day falls on the 11th for a very specific reason, it represents the day World War 1 ended, on the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of the year! Interesting right? You might be […]

October 31th. 

It means so much to so many people in vastly different ways; candy, passed loved ones, scary stories, dressing up, black cats & haunted houses! Though many skeptics believe this is simply another holiday started by candy companies to sell more candy! It was created by Celtics in Europe! The tradition later made its way […]

PanCan Month

Pancreatic Cancer is the twelfth most common cancer in the world but has the lowest survival rate — at only 3-6%. It is a scary reality that goes unnoticed by most but destroys the lives of many every day being the 7th most common cause of death in the world. The pancreas lives behind the […]

What to do with home accents!

Accents are essential for any home! They give each room a personality of its own, flowers give a soft & subtle idyllic feel while exposed metal and industrial items speak for your urban style! Whether you’re the smart styler type, social suburbanite or stability seeker with the help of the many inspirational Ashley designers and […]

Seasonal Selection

Ahh, the glorious holiday season is upon us! Whether you’re the kind of person who puts out Fall decor on September 1st or likes to celebrate Christmas, Hanukah or Kwanzaa as soon as the Thanksgiving table is cleared Ashley has accents that will suit every holiday you like to celebrate, no matter how soon you […]

What’s New in Mattress Technology?

Do you get sweaty at night? Wake up with damp hair? Cuddling not always how you want to spend your night because it’s just too hot? You are not alone! If you said “yes” to these questions too you are apart of a large group of people who either genetically sweat more than others, get […]

How To Shop A Warehouse Sale Like A Pro

Who can resist a great sale? The infamous “Warehouse Sale” is one of those rare occasions when merchandise is practically given away. Why pay full price when you can follow these tips, and score genuine, high quality items for an amazing price. Here is how to do so. 1. Arrive Early (Seriously Early) The term […]

How Simple Home Decor Changes Will Transform Your Space

When most homeowners think of revamping their interiors, expensive renovation projects that require months of effort come to mind. In reality, however, something as simple as upgrading your home decor or adding a few new accessories to the living room can be more than enough to change the look and feel of the entire house. […]

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